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Features a three channel control system to produce lights that flash to the beat of your music. Connects to your high level audio source via hard wire to RCA connector on back .

The features of our displays and the lighting patterns are like no others. Plus these are not made from some easily damaged vinyl covered particleboard. Cabinets are upgraded to black painted finish on plywood that features easy to remove front screen. You can also change the entire look of your display, by sliding another type of screen in or easily rearranging the light bulbs to your your liking...how cool is that?

Features 13 lights that respond to your audios low, mid and high frequency's, real wood cabinet, transformer isolated solid state main board. Ready to connect to any analog high level audio source with the RCA connector on back of unit. Connects in parallel to your speaker leads on most any sound source (stereo receiver, boom box, etc.) can be connected right along with speakers on most any high level sound source. Measures 18x12x6 inch weight 6.5 lbs. 

Stock photo, light bulb colors may vary...send message if you have color preference


    When you compare this color organ to other vintage units you will see that ours have many more features and advantages...

    Real plywood cabinet - not vinyl wrapped flake board

    13 light bulbs - not just 4 behind a illusion screen

    Three channels, low mid and high - not just one

    Replaceable/interchangeable front screen - not one that if broken you are out of luck.  you can replace this screen very easily.

    Separate intensity control for each channel - not just one, or none at all!

    Why settle for some old used color organ when you can have a better made new one for the same price or even lower price?


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